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This Day in History: 1944-12-15


Glen Miller

Mar. 1, 1904 – Dec. 15, 1944

 Big Band leader Glen Miller, known for such hits as Chattanooga Choo Choo and In the mood, was in Britain entertaining the troops. On the evening of December 15th 1944 Glen boarded a single engine UC-64 Norseman aircraft and departed from RAF Twinwood farm in Clapham, Bedfordshire, England for Paris France. The plane never arrived and the mystery as to his disappearance has never been satisfactorily solved. One theory suggests friendly fire, as a bomber crewman reported that after jettisoning their bombs from an aborted raid on Siegen, Germany he saw a small single engine plane crashing into the sea. However a gunnery sergeant claims to have shot down the plane in Folkestone, England while others claim Glen died in a brothel in Paris and the government was covering the incident up. The fact remains, Glen Miller was never found and he remains listed as missing in action.

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